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The Annapurna Educational Society has been constituted in the year 1983 with an intention to extend its helping hand to the poor, needy and meritorious. Our society concentrates on to take part in building .Our strong ideal society with a positive vision. To achieve that we would like to concentrate on Two disciplines 1) Education 2) Health .

We strongly believe that only with these two we can built a strong nation. First of all we would like to concentrate on Education with which we can do miracles. Our aim is to give Quality Education for low fee structure keeping inn this mind. The society is giving free education to the poor and meritorious in the High Schools which were established in 1997 by the society. As all we know the future of India is being shaped in class rooms only . Hence we are providing all facilities in that aspect . Now we want some skilled sculptors who can mould the crude into good citizens. Only through those skilled dedicated teachers, our society is going to extend its helping hand in preparing excellent teachers from the poorest of the poor by giving some management seats. Later the society is going to concentrate on Health.