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Cources Offered

Bachelor Degree in Education (B.Ed) The college offers Bachelor Degree in Education affiliated to Andhra University and recognized by the N.C.T.E. Bangalore. The duration of the course is one year and intake is 100 students from different subjects like Mathematics, Biological Science, Physical Science and Social Studies etc.


  • Class rooms with total area of 6.70X10.25
  • Activity room(multi purpose hall) 6.70X20.70
  • Learning resourse center(seminar hall) 6.70X6.70
  • Library and reading room 11.20X6.60
  • Science laboratory 13.40X10.0
  • Psychology laboratory 6.70X4.90
  • Language laboratory 6.70X13.70
  • Education technology and media lab & y social studies laboratory 6.70X5.0
  • Computer laboratory 6.70X13.70
  • Rooms for the principal,Faculity,Office,y store room,physical 13.40X13.40
  • Waiting room 13.40X9.90
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